What are EziBlanks?.

Welcome to DCA Products, the leading distributor of EziBlank® data centre airflow management products. Our goal is to help our resellers provide their customers with the most elegant and functional server cabinet air containment solutions available in the global market.

EziBlank® is an Australian-based brand of data centre airflow management products that has distributed millions of highly acclaimed 6-RU blanking panels worldwide. Our cohesive aesthetic design philosophy and patented mounting clip for square hole mounting rail make EziBlank® blanking panels the most elegant server cabinet air containment solution, both aesthetically and functionally.

At DCA Products, we firmly believe in sustainability and efficiency in data centres. Our products are designed by the principle of lightweight, intuitive and just-fit design, as opposed to over-engineered and cumbersome. Using EziBlank® products is effortless, and because all of our products are built to be durable and reusable, our customers get more value from every dollar they invest in our environmentally friendly products.

EziBlank® products are designed to ensure energy-efficient data centre operation. Energy costs account for 25% to 40% of operational expense, and it's time to demand efficiency. Our innovative, intelligent air-flow management and energy-monitoring systems are quick and easy to install, optimising your infrastructure investment and helping to manage your core knowledge assets.

Our EziBlank® products have a perfect-fit design and are lightweight, making them easy to install. We create our products with just-fit materials, precision-engineered to be robust and durable, yet still flexible and ergonomic. Our cohesive aesthetics ensure that our products blend seamlessly into data centres of different themes and designs, with a range of standard colour options and non-intrusive fittings.

Join us today as a reseller of DCA Products and offer your customers the most innovative and efficient data centre airflow management products available. Contact us now to get started!

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